Speaking Engagements

A great speaker can make or break your event. It is important to infuse the appropriate energy, optimism and purpose into our team or audience. We want them to walk away from the event with a spring in their step and a renewed sense of purpose; a deep motivation to add value to your organization because they received value from your event.

John Deedrick offers entertaining and transformational speaking topics for all types of situations. John is comfortable with Boards and Executive Management teams, Public Companies,  Non-Profit Organization’s, Churches and Religious Groups, as well as Private Corporations and Startups. His talk’s are tailored to your needs and can encompass single or multiple interactions with you and your group. He will connect with your team and provide life changing techniques for unlocking value.

John is comfortable facilitating your group meetings, speaking at your annual conference, leading your retreat or hosting your special event. His fun and practical style will entertain and motivate your audience toward a more fulfilled and purposeful life. 

John will customize his message for your audience using topics like the following (a partial list):



Leadership is caring for others and being the best you! What was I born to do? How do I achieve true joy and contentment?  Which life option is best for me? Many questions surround each of us on a daily basis and these are serious questions that have a tendency to stick around and annoy us until they are answered – if they ever get answered.

The CHIP AWAY philosophy is all about unlocking the purpose that already exists. In a fun and very practical fashion, John will share common sense ideas on how to find the keys to unlocking the value inside you and/or your organization. His transformational philosophy and compelling approach can be used in formal and informal settings.

John has been Certified by John Maxwell to speak, coach, train and teach many leadership topics which are based on books that Dr. Maxwell has authored over the last 30 years.  John is also a Certified Human Behavior coach and has studied under the guidance of Dr. Robert Rohm (Personality Insights). John has been Certified to assess core motivations using the MCORE  assessment by Dr. Joshua Miller (Pruvio). Finally, John utilizes the Clifton StrengthFinders assessment as part of his CHIP AWAY life and business philosophy. 

                            John's CHIP - Core Motivation, Strengths, Intellect (CV & Experience) and Personality profile.