Authentic Leadership
for REAL Success

CHIP Solutions is about Leadership

John Deedrick founded CHIP Solutions because people desire transformational leadership. John brings a unique depth of experience, innovative strategies and true authenticity to leadership through his proven life and business philosophy. He applies this highly effective leadership model through board service and assessments, professional speaking engagements, executive and life coaching, corporate and personal  retreats, as well as educational seminars and workshops.

Companies and individuals maximize success by unleashing the value that already exists. Identification of strengths, modeling servant leadership, adding and improving critical skills and understanding core motivations/competencies are all part of accomplishing the transformation. He incorporates his proven leadership strategies through his retreat packages, consulting activities, board service, ministry commitments and coaching engagements.

Trust John to help you unleash your true value!

ANNOUNCEMENT: In January 2020, John announced he will no longer be a Managing Director with Fourth Element Capital as he has decided to dedicate more time to his consulting and leadership practice. He also announced his intention to spend around fifty percent (50%) of his time with Christian Ministries. 

    "I believe you simply need to unleash the value already inside. Let's obtain all of your potential."